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You can learn tips for your turtle?

Many people think that turtles are not intelligent enough to learn tricks of turtles and animals for show than anything else. The truth is that, even if their brains a bit more primitive than, say, a dog, it is still possible to teach skills and tricks, but I say this knowing that there is no easy journey for the owner who, over time and effort to want to invest their new skills to teach turtles.

In fact, there are three things that I needed to make it easier to teach him new things and these turtles are ...

1) The age of the turtle
The young animals are much easier to teach tricks of the older, more mature turtles. Unfortunately, this is a case of not in a position to put new tricks and teach older turtles in. .. Yes, you guessed it, their old habits. Young turtles per year are ideal to start practicing with him and the patient and make a routine that you will see progress.

2) A turtle species
Some species of sea turtles are smarter than others and try to make it better. A turtle, for example, to train a lot harder than the box turtle in a box turtles are relatively intelligent. Most turtles can learn new things, but some are a little slower than others.

3) How good a relationship you have with your pet
To really help your turtle development, you need a good relationship with them. If the turtle is uncomfortable or afraid, it will be difficult to achieve, even out of its shell around him. If your turtle bites when you try to touch, it is also a clear sign that do not have confidence in you and in cases like this, time to build confidence between you and your turtle, and only then can you build things that the same, teaching them tricks Turtle.
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Yellow Belly Turtle - Tips for Beginners

Yellow-bellied turtle is one of the most popular types of turtles kept as pets. This article is basic information that was gathered from experts and owners of the Yellow-bellied slider. With these tips and tricks added to your own knowledge should be able to decide whether the Yellow Turtle is the kind of animal you buy. If you are a current owner, this information will give you tips on how to grow your pet healthy.

As the name suggests, is the lower shell (known as the plastron) of a yellow-bellied turtle usually yellow, marked with green spots on the edges.

Interestingly, this species has the ability to interbreed with other species such as Red-eared slider. Mating is in the spring, fall and summer instead. The female yellow-bellied sliders are typically larger than the males.

As newborns, these turtles need an aquarium with up to 10 liters of water filled. Yellow Turtle, needs more space because they're old. You must also ensure that your house is big enough to an area where walking turtles sunning themselves and dry after they have finished swimming destination. Although direct sunlight is always the best option for your lighting needs, you can improvise if necessary, by a heat lamp to keep UV-B radiation in the tank at an average temperature of 89 -95 degrees Celsius.

As your turtle grows, it is advisable to provide a nesting female. Make sure that the construction of a place of safe places for the females hatch their eggs and the eggs.

Yellow-bellied turtles, like others in his family to naturally produce more waste. So you need to make the best filter you are, keep the water clean and clear, as long as possible to invest. Another point to note: small, colorful stones are sold in pet stores, can be a pleasant aesthetic effect, produce to protect your pet, but not clean the house of the tortoise is longer and more difficult. Maybe better, so stay on these awards.

Like most turtles, the turtle omnivorous yellow. This variety of dining options makes feeding your pet easy and simple. Plants such as Elodea can be lowered into the water where you keep your turtles.

You may provide your turtle with yellow belly, endive, romaine lettuce, kale, freshly killed fish and small insects. Because turtles have become increasingly popular in the pet trade, are commercially prepared foods, reptiles, and vitamins and made available on the market. You can also help your turtle healthy.

As time passes, your pet will eventually combine their approach to their feeding. Every time you move, if you notice the turtle swam forward and back waiting for food to keep in mind that there is a limit to the amount of food you should give your pet per day. Do not overfeed because obesity is a common problem for turtles.

Turtles will require more time and effort of farmers, but this should not deter the maintenance. Yellow-bellied turtles are a great addition to your home, your love and care to ensure that you are in the coming years!
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Yellow-bellied turtle: How to care for him and other animals turtles

The turtles are great pets, if turtles are large animals, if you are into reptiles. In 2010 it was decided that a yellow handbag and a red-bellied turtle take in our family. It was a spur of the moment decision because it took us weeks to identify the preparation. After getting unnecessary worries and finally installed our turtles, we found that the care expected of the yellow-bellied turtle is not as difficult as. That is, let me give you some tips for the owners of the first time.

So, how much space should my turtle?

Both the red-bellied and yellow belly slider turtle about 14 centimeters long can achieve. If you're more likely to bring them home, the more that only a few centimeters. At this stage in the life of the turtles will be in order to remain in a 10 gallon tank. North as adults best plan to move to an environment of 45 gallons.

So what's the problem with the water?

Contrary to what you have heard about the turtles that swim like sure. I know our yellow-bellied turtle has. After setting the turtle tank, to ensure that water wants is only 3-4 inches from the top of the tank. It was something I did not know when we have the first yellow-bellied turtle.

What happens to my aquarium decorations?

Our yellow-bellied turtle like your surroundings, especially chewing plants. Many people value their water plants if you have one, get artificial. In addition, the yellow-bellied turtle places to go out and enjoy. Try a little temporary platforms or floating your turtle aquarium. You do not want to over-crowding, however. You have to work a little bulky with the shell.

Not to feed your turtle

We would not dare to feed our yellow-bellied turtle floating sticks green credits. I would not recommend that you feed your pet turtles at once. When feeding, the food of choice of Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle Food is gourmet. Noting that the letter will find you. This mixture is complete with a balanced diet. Look at the ingredients and you will find components such as dried shrimp, meal worms, fish and berries, too! This mix also contains calcium, but it will not hurt to buy a tablet of calcium when to prevent shell softening.

But what about my fellow turtle aquarium?

In our 10 gallons aquarium turtles, a red-bellied turtle, a yellow-bellied turtle, and a small bank of tiger barbs. These fish are from the industry as a semi-aggressive fish. I can tell you if they come to our turtle, go somewhere else to see. These turtles are docile and gregarious by nature, so do not sleep with their tank mates. Feel free to throw some salamanders, guppies and Plecos there.

... And let there be light

Like other reptiles like snakes and iguanas, turtles, yellow belly are needed light per day. Not just any light, but the spectra of UV-A and UV-B. You can find a bulb to provide for both types, but two had to invest in two separate fires. The first, a spot lamp radiates heat from the sun. The other is simply a strip of fluorescent light. You know, the kind usually found under a stove. It certainly is not much heat, but the spectrum is necessary to keep the color of your pet turtle.

I think you're ready now. So in conclusion ...

Relax. I know that their children are begging for months for a turtle. Turtles are wonderful pets yellow belly. They are not like fish, and really eye contact and interaction with you. Performance of two turtles are seen very much fun, fish feed more. Change the water regularly. A simple water change every week is sufficient. It will keep your turtle aquarium with a fresh scent, and do not give the virus a chance to grow. Finally, take a look at the Tetra ReptoFilter because it works very well.
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Housing for Red Eared Sliders with Suitable Turtle Habitat

Red-eared sliders are one of the most common types of turtles as pets, so that we would do well to keep on dealing with this breed a. In this article I would like for their housing / habitat requirements and in particular, a reservoir for the Red- eared focus includes ideal. In contrast to the erroneous notion that some people have not only the turtles can be kept in a glass. They are, after all, semi-aquatic animals. For this reason, despite the time, the air breathed into the land of the time not to swim in a box without water are kept in.

An outdoor pool in the garden is an ideal habitat for these turtles, which is when you are more comfortable in South America, where red-eared sliders live, of course, to live in nature, but for most pet owners, is holding a tank rectangular glass in the house . You can adjust the temperature during the whole year and watch their antics almost through the glass walls. Glass tanks are preferable to plastic tanks for two reasons. A: Like most turtles, has sharp claws of the race that the plastic can scratch two: the glass is much easier to clean when they normally dump the dirty water and clean the walls of the tank before pouring in the water is sweet .

Even if a baby turtle will be low, it is best not to a small aquarium, cheap to buy. Red-eared sliders grow rapidly during their early years, and although some do not grow much more than 5 centimeters, partly mature adults 10-12 cm long. We recommend at least a tank of 30 liters for an adult to 5 inches. An adult requires a 10-inch tank 55 liters. Bigger is always better, and if you need two or more turtles have a larger tank.

Red-eared sliders from warm temperatures needed to activate the immune system and stay healthy is important to keep to a temperature of 75-86 degrees F (20-29 ° C). The easy and convenient to keep a stable temperature is to use a submersible pump water heater. Water heater has a thermostat so that you establish only to a certain temperature.

The top of the tank should ideally be designed to obstruct the natural light to give much in the tank. There are a variety of models, and some tanks installed with a reptile fluorescent light. In light of the UV spectrum (UVA and UVB) is important if the tank is a place where one can get enough natural light. Slides should be enough UV rays that process properly, the nutrients can be in their diet. (Note: It is good, the turtle tank in direct sunlight causes overheating and have).

It is important that you have a good filtering system. The turtle spent the urine and feces directly into the water, and this will increase the number of bacteria in the water, this has a direct and negative effect on the health of your pet. A good filter system filters out pollutants and also means that you do not have to do a thorough cleaning of your turtle tank so often. (A tank with filtered water to be drained to be cleaned weekly.) As for what type of filtration system, suggest most owners of turtles as Fluval 403rd

Turtles need a basking area out of her bathing water where they can sunbathe and enjoy the warmth of the lamp. A large number of flat stones is widespread. A cork "raft" or a piece of wood works. The temperature of the warm-up area specifications, 85 to 90 degrees F. near the fluorescent lamp.

It is set OK, ornamental plants in your tank turtle, but know that your pet may try to eat. For this reason, ensure that the plants you choose are not poisonous to turtles. Plastic plants are not recommended because your pet may try to eat them. As for the gravel, make sure that the stones are small enough to swallow for the turtle.

Todd is enthusiastic about the mascot of the Turtle. His passion in life is to ensure that all turtles are cared for by their owners.
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Feed your red eared slider turtle - 7 Easy to eat foods that will gladly move the cursor

Red eared slider turtles can live for many years. A simple way to ensure a long life of your pet by feeding a variety of red eared slider turtle food stores. Another advantage of the introduction of variety is that the turtle does not get bored with the meals, if you make your diet interesting.

Vegetables and legumes should be at least half of the controller performance by adults. While the young turtles to eat vegetables, your diet should consist mainly of protein. When feeding on plant material, not be content with his slider, while salad boring after a while. What do you love your pet eats?

* Carrot - The cursor to use really grated carrots. Carrots are very nutritious, and what could be easier to grind a carrot?
* Col - more nutritious than the usual salad, and the cursor of love in this crisis.
* Beetroot - perhaps an unusual choice to feed your turtle, but your pet will thank you!
Radish leaves * - another delicious option for travel.
* Beans - What could be better than fresh green beans?
* Squash - An easy to eat, to enjoy your turtle.
* Dandelion - This is a food easy to eat on his glider. You can even choose your own garden! Just make sure it is free of pesticides.

If the supply of vegetables, which must be cut or torn into small pieces for your turtle to eat lightly and placed in water in the house of your pet in a container or a separate power adapter, if your cursor feeds in this way.

It will feed your red-eared slider turtle a variety of vegetables and protein to help your turtle lives a long life full of himself. Give you the satisfaction that you care for your pet the best possible way. It should not your red-eared slider turtle, about the food they get to eat like?
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The Care of Turtles - Red Eared Slider Turtle

Feed your red-eared slider turtle   
Most pet tortoise, red-eared slider included, are primarily herbivores in nature and can be vegetables such as carrots, lettuce or cabbage and fruits like berries to survive. Some owners even imagine living earthworms or insects such as crickets, beetles and spiders. You can also provide food for turtle trading, that the turtle to get all the nutrients you need. Frequency regime and diet is also based partly on the age of your turtle. One thing that you notice that the regime change to the red ear slider, as it tends to ripen. Young turtles are often omnivores, eating a variety of plants and insects. As we get older, herbivores tend to remain more fruits and vegetables.

Creating a suitable habitat for red-eared slider turtle
After the perfect habitat for your turtle red ear slider is important to them. The size of the aquarium depends on the size of your turtle. A rule of thumb is to have 10 gallons per inch of turtle. For example, a turtle, ten inches, require a tank of 100 liters. Keep this in mind before purchasing a turtle. Also make sure that there is much water and try to be as pure as possible. Lighting is an important factor. The turtles need light for bone growth and the synthesis of the vitamin. If the turtles do not have natural light, buy a fluorescent light or other items specifically designed for reptiles. Finally, keep the things that can hurt the turtle, if you eat can include things like wood chips or other organic materials are hazardous to the health of your turtle.

Find the right temperature for your red-eared slider turtle is included, is important. One thing that is important for the turtle trying to keep warm. Some turtles hibernate in the winter in the wilderness, but if you keep your turtle inside, you do not hibernate and it is important to ensure that it is not exposed to extremely low temperatures. Ideally, one should be kept in the environment at 75-80 degrees Celsius. You can lower the temperature of 50-10 degrees at night. There are many other great resources to the care of turtles, red-eared sliders and other check.
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Dog Breeds from A to Z

Find the perfect pet is difficult when there are so many different breeds to choose from. Use this guide to learn more about some of the races.

Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is the oldest dog breed in the Arctic over the world and was raised as a working dog. They were used to pull sleds and hunting. It's a friendly dog ​​that makes a great family pet. They love children, but not like the company of other dogs. You are an intelligent breed that can learn quickly, but tend to get bored easily.

To prepare for this race, you need to update your skin in a week. Some health problems are associated with this breed growth disorders, eye problems and hip dysplasia.

St. Hubert Dog or Bloodhound

Sleuth, also known as St. Hubert or Hubert San Dog or Bloodhound Dog is known, a breed that was bred in Belgium, tracking and hunting. This is one of the oldest breeds in the world. They usually high 23 to 27 inches and weigh grow normally between 80 and 90 pounds. They have a short smooth coat that is waterproof. Their coat colors range from black and beige, red and brown. Red Dogs can also be found. They have directed wrinkles on the face and neck to achieve the flavors and keep it in the nose.

To take care that will race for sand layers with a damp cloth once a week to have. Your nails also need to be trimmed weekly. The ears should be addressed regularly. To exercise this breed needs to work every day and plenty of time to play. To stimulate your mind, you can enter crawl games. This breed has health problems, should be aware of: hip dysplasia, inverted eyelids, and swelling.


The Boxer is a German breed that was created by crossing a bulldog, an unknown race, and an English bulldog. This breed was originally very aggressive and anti-bullying and bulls. But in recent years, this race has become more aggressive and on family life.

The Boxer is a breed of dog of medium size, usually high 21 to 25 centimeters. Usually weight 66-70 pounds. His fur is short, smooth and shiny. Their coat can come in a variety of colors and several models of different brands. Some of the fighters, the most common colors are white, brindle and fawn.

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon, also known as Griffon Belge, Griffon Bruxellois Griffon Belge known, is a small Belgian breed dog was used to kill parasites in the stables. This interesting people to come for something Clock 7 to 8 inches and weighs 6 to 12 hours books. They come in two forms, coarse hair and straight hair. Both versions can be used in layers of black, brown and black, or red to be found.

To take care of this little dog want to improve their times layer several times a week to prevent tangles and remove debris and dirt. In general, you can get enough exercise to stay healthy to play at home, but also enjoy the time out to have fun and just a short walk. This dog must be trained and should consult with your praise and corrections. If you need to understand that dog breeding plan that they do a very difficult birth and only 60 percent of boys. In addition to reproductive problems, this breed also has respiratory problems and eye problems.


The Chihuahua is a Mexican race, which was discovered 100 years ago. It is a toy dog ​​that is between 6 and 9 cm high and weighs less than 6 pounds. Their coats in two versions, come in short and long term. Long hair is soft and can be straight or wavy. Short hair is soft and dense. Both variants can layer on almost any color or color combination.

To take care of that race, you need to prepare your hair every day for long-haired version, and if this short-haired for the variant. It's an animal inside, not suitable for long periods outdoors. However, they love to play outside and short walks. To the temperament of this breed to socialize and train early needs to administer. Some health problems associated with this breed knee problems, eye problems, and problems of the trachea.

English Springer Spaniel

The Springer Spaniel, also known as the Norfolk Spaniel, is a British race, which will be in the world as the oldest breed of spaniel. Originally developed as a hunting dog. Its name derives from the elastic process they take in hunting. Today the breed is still used as a hunting dog, but also a great family pet when properly trained and socialized.

The English Springer Spaniel requires regular grooming to keep his coat shiny and clean. The best type of brush to use on her skin a soft brush. Bathing should be done only when necessary. This race also has a lot of practice. Long walks and lots of time playing in the yard or in an enclosure in the park every day they are healthy and happy and out of trouble.

Fox Terrier (Smooth)

The Fox Terrier (Smooth) is a nice dog who was in England as a hunter of vermin born. This breed has been grouped with the Wire Fox Terrier until 1984, when it was founded as a unique pedigree. Today the breed is still used to hunt vermin, but is also used as a family dog.

The Smooth Fox Terrier breed is cheerful, energetic, loves to play with the children. Do you have other pets in your family will continue the race, especially if they are small, like a cat. And they can try to play the dominant role if you have other dogs. So they are healthy and happy, who need lots of exercise, mental stimulation and a lot of attention. They are intelligent and respond well to obedience training, but have a stubborn streaks, which prevent them from coming to you when you call, especially when you can have fun.

Fox Terrier (Wire)

Fox Terrier (Wire), also known as the Fox Terrier is a breed in the United Kingdom 19 Century developed as a hunter of vermin. This race is very likely descended from the Beagle, Shropshire and Cheshire. Today this breed is used very actively as a pet and a hunter of vermin.

This little dog is about 15.5 cm and weighs 16 to 18 pounds. Her short hair is shaggy gives them an air of luxury. Your hands should be mostly white with brown markings and / or black. This dog has a playmate for children ideal. But caution is to be taken with other animals with this dog because it comes to anything that is small chase tends, it is.


The Greyhound is a breed of Egypt, which was originally used to hunt wolves, wild boars and deer. This race was originally connected with the aristocracy and the first-class citizenship are. Today, this breed for racing, hunting and domestic animals is used.

The Greyhound is a dog of great sports held 27 to 30 inches and weighs 60-70 pounds. They usually have a short coat, very close, that comes in a variety of colors, including: Multi-colors: white, blue brindle, fawn, black and red. This dog is really a gentle giant who are good with children. Because they can be used as hunting dogs that were bred a natural instinct to hunt a little something, then it will not be the best house mates small animals.


The Puli, Puli is also called the Hungarian Puli Hungarian Water Dog is a herding dog that originated in Hungary. It is a medium sized dog that weighs 14 to 19 inches tall and between 20 and 40 pounds. They have an outer layer of shaggy wool cloak-and weather-resistant and soft. Their color is usually pretty dark. The most common colors of this breed are black, dark rust, gray and apricot.

Sealyham Terrier

The Terrier Sealyham Terrier is a breed originated in Wales. This race probably by the Cheshire Terrier, Welsh Corgi, Dandie Dinmont Terrier, West Highland Terrier and Fox Terrier developed. There is a small dog who is only 12 inches tall and weigh 18 to 20 pounds. They have a coat similar to the Scottish Terrier, but their skin colors slightly differently. Sealyham Terrier comes in shades of white, lemon, blue, multicolor badger, black and brown.


The Vizsla, Hungarian Vizsla also, Magyar Vizsla, Magyar Vizsla on Drotszoru, and the hands of Hungary, is a breed of Hungarian hunting dog. It is a medium sized dog, weighing 22.5 to 25 inches tall and 48.5 to 66 pounds. They have short, straight coat that comes in a brownish red. Footprints white chest and feet are common. The Vizsla is a good-natured dog who is gentle and tolerant. They are a family dog ​​and companion and hunting dog.


The British Whippet is a breed created by crossing greyhounds with a variety of breeds terrier. This dog was originally used as hunters of mice and vermin hunters, but also a life in racing dogs. Today this dog for hunting and as companions is used.

The whippet is a hunting dog, the 17 to 20 inches tall and weighs about 28 pounds. They have a short coat that late in a variety of colors and designs. If you look at this dog looks like a miniature greyhound.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is a breed of toy dog ​​that originated in England. They were originally designed as a dog and a fashion accessory for the Victorian nobility used. Many experts believe that this breed was created by crossing the Skye Terrier, Clydesdale Terrier, Manchester Terrier, Maltese and Paisley.

The Yorkshire Terrier is small and is only 6-9 inches tall and weighs 3-7 pounds. They have a silk jacket is varied. Steel blue and brown are common colors found in his coat.
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The differences between Pet Turtles and Sea Turtles

Have you always been interested in learning more about the fact that a turtle, or asked what is the difference between a pet turtle and a sea turtle on average?

Sea turtles in the sea and there are actually seven different types of them. They are:   

Sea turtles are known to have a life expectancy of up to 100 years, longer than most other types of turtles. Because sea turtles have been hunted by humans worldwide, many of them are now protected by a "threatened species", a special breed of the animal through the right to live freely in the oceans.

Turtles can also be several varieties of turtles and semi-aquatic, but in general, including the most common animals are living in a mixed environment. Some breeds are commonly red-eared slider turtle, box turtle and tortoise Russian.

Each of these breeds require different habitats and care, and each has its own nutritional needs and the environment. Be in deciding what kind of turtle would be the perfect choice for you, you should research the different types and find the best matches the type of care and the type of conditions that are willing to offer.

Pet turtles feed on fruits and vegetables or just vegetables. Turtle no matter what type of pet you choose, you should consider whether a long service life and require great care of you.

Although turtles do not need to be trained like other animals that you might need the right environment to plenty of fresh water and a lot of attention to them - to ensure that you detect any changes in behavior or appearance, since the beginning of certain diseases and disorders can help.
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The different types of turtles that inhabit our world

The world is full of turtles. But how many species of turtles are there? Many turtles are threatened with extinction and others are threatened with extinction. Let's take a look at the different species of sea turtles worldwide.

1st Sea Turtles - This type of marine turtles are creatures really. In the waters of tropical oceans and migrate only the females come ashore to lay their eggs in the nests. They vary in size from about eight feet to about 7 meters in length of the carapace. Projectiles for these types of turtles are heart-shaped or oval in appearance. Their limbs are flippers instead of legs and are unable to resist the turtle when the field. Sea turtles can not pull the head back into their shells like other kinds of turtles. Sea turtles are among the most vulnerable families of turtles, urban development intervened on their nesting grounds.

2nd Thurs Turtles - There are only three species of this family of turtles. Can be found in the north throughout North America, parts of South Asia and South America. These turtles have large heads and strong jaws is mounted to the upper jaw. You can not fully retract their limbs or head into its shell and have a pretty long line. These turtles have been roaming the Earth 65 million years. They have a good variety of habitats and mating habits and diet.

3rd The swamp tortoise - is the largest group of turtles and found worldwide. Some species of pond turtles are carnivores, while others are herbivores. They have many predators such as alligators and raccoons. These types are usually the types of turtles that are used in the pet trade.

4th Bog turtles and musk - This type of turtles emit an unpleasant odor when disturbed. They vary in size, but all are strictly carnivorous. On aquatic insects, small fish and amphibians, crustaceans and all you can find what they are. Adults rarely become prey for other animals, but their eggs are coveted by a variety of animals.

5th Turtles - this type of turtles can boast the distinction of being the largest turtles that live on land. Turtles on flowers, herbs and fruit diet, even if it is known for the feast of carrion. Normally, the turtles have large scales and feet are not networked. Its closest relatives are the pond turtles.

6th Soft-shelled turtles - These turtles can in many types of soft-bottom water needed to live. Their shells are not hard, but they are with skin like leather. They spend most of their time buried in mud. They are omnivorous but most species are carnivorous, eating mollusks, insects, amphibians and fish.

7th Leatherback Turtle - The elderly are the largest turtles in the world. Although sea turtles are in a class by itself. Find swim, regardless of whether the water be warm or cold waters in the world. Their jaws lack of force feed mainly on jellyfish. The adults have no known predators, but eggs and juveniles are more vulnerable to predators. The leatherback turtle is an endangered species, in fact, due to erosion and the development of the beaches to nest where the females land ashore and lay their eggs.
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Species of turtles - the three main categories of turtles

Turtles can make great pets and a welcome addition to any home, whether it is good. To correct for these creatures to understand the different types of turtles care is very beneficial. Turtles are underestimated as a kind of exotic pets and most people, regular care and maintenance to keep them as pets involved.

There are many different types and they all subspecies. Learn more about the different types take months, but there are ways to break the species of turtles, it is easier to handle. Turtles: In a broad sense, the turtles can be divided into three categories. These three types of turtles have a very different lifestyle and needs.


When it comes to these animals, people think all kinds of different examples. Some people think that little box turtles caught as a child, while some might think of sea turtles glide through the majestic oceans surrounding tropical islands. They are the two species of turtles, but lead very different lives.

A turtle, by definition, is a semi-aquatic, which means that spends part of his life in the water and some means of his life on earth. Most species of turtles spend most of their time in the water and on land are usually the sun, which emits a strong need for vitamin D3.

A good example of a semi-aquatic turtles are painted and red-eared slider turtle. When the animals these turtles have more water than land in its vicinity. A small portion of the tank to the turtle basking under a UV lamp dedicated. This provides vitamin D3 and increases the body's core temperature.


The tortoises are terrestrial, which means they spend most of their time on earth. Thus, these turtles are very clumsy swimmers. This does not mean they will not dive into shallow water from time to time, but when it turns on its head and was trapped under water to drown.

A typical example would be a box turtle. Those who have box turtles as pets tend to have them in a corral gate of the tortoises, so that time and temperature. Just to wade in shallow water and drink provided. The environment of the animals must be precisely manufactured to good health again. Factors such as temperature, humidity and some type of stimulation of the turtle are necessary for good health and development.

Sea Turtles

Sea turtles stay in water all the time. Sea turtles inhabit all oceans of the world outside the Arctic region, where it is too cold to sustain life of sea turtles. The only time the turtles leave the sea to lay eggs, then back into the sea.

Sea turtles live mostly in salt or brackish water. Turtles remain in the water may be also called "water". These come in varieties of fresh water, but many say that even a little salt to your freshwater tank much better your health.

By understanding these three species of turtles is a lot easier to break it subspecies. Of all the species have a tendency and behavior that are more susceptible to other types of turtles. For example, some people tend to have clumsy box turtle swim, which were very funny in the water. On the other hand, spend some types of painted turtles more time on earth than others. It is a good starting point to learn about the different types of turtles.
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Monday, October 31, 2011

Turtles Safe Care Guides for Children

When the parents want to give pet turtle for their children or when the children ask for it, but the parents themselves are not really familiar with the turtle, The Turtles Safe Care Guides will be very useful. Safe care guides is the best choice because the turtles can cause bacterial (salmonella) infections that could be very harmful and unsafe for children.

Most parents want their children close and familiar to simple animals at an early age, then they choose the turtle as a pet. The ideal time is to have a turtle, if your child is aged between 6-10 years. When they passed the stage of the toddler and have the ability to care.

There are many types of turtles that can be selected. It is clear that the type is too small to take. You can choose from a kind of terrestrial or aquatic turtles. It depends on the degree of participation of their child care for your turtle.

Want to be first pet for your child to experience a unique experience that should help you in any way. An animal can die at once terrible emotional scars of their children.

So here's the advice of turtles, you can use to take care of their children look after your pet for the first time.

1st Turtle tanks, of course, must be kept clean at all times. Let the little children to clean their tanks or containers. In particular, to do so under their control. Get the turtle, the task easier, because their tanks are not as difficult for a water tank maintenance.

2nd Leave notes and reminders about the care of turtles for their children to see. Make sure your children to understand their small notes. Even simple instructions, "Wash your hands after touching the turtle" as is important because children often forget to clean.

3rd Take your children when you visit the veterinarian to ensure the health of your pet turtle to verify. If they see a doctor really cares about is your turtle, do not believe that the turtle is just a toy to play for them and not take it seriously.

4th You can us the responsibility to feed their children, but you have yet to confirm that their children have the right amount of nourishment to her beloved pet tortoise.

5th Ensure teaching children to care for turtles and correctly, that to understand them.

There are many pet stores who sell a variety of turtles. It is best to do your research on turtles information before buying a turtle. Always buy from a pet is legitimate, because you can at least be sure the turtle you are buying is safe for their children.

Learning together about the turtle care could be a good special bond time between children and their parents.
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Are Pet Turtles Really Safe for Children ?

Although the pet turtles are really exotic pet to have, but you should think twice before making a decision to give pet turtle to your children. Many people have wrong mindset and believe that the turtles are small, cute, harmless and safe. However, behind their innocent appearance, the turtles can cause bacterial (salmonella) infections that could be very harmful and unsafe to children. 

These are some tips for parents who want to give pet turtles for their children :

1. You should avoid buying turtles, especially when your children are under five years. This is because turtles with harmful bacteria called Salmonella that can affect the health of your children. And mostly little children do not really teached and care about their own hygiene. 

2. More importantly, since Salmonella is present naturally in this way, you can not really judge whether your pet with this bacterium, such as turtles is not infected look sick, even when the bacteria in them.

If your children are old enough to well-trained and to follow strict hygiene rules, you should go for soft turtle species that can grow without taking much to care. For example, the red eared slider turtle as the most favorite animal, because it easy to keep at home. You can also choose the musk turtle, which grows less than 6 inches long and it is very easy option.

More Info : Turtles Safe Care Guides For Children
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

How To Handle The Dog Boarding Problems

In generally older animals often have health problems. Most older pets are deafness, arthritis and blindness. As dog age, they are commonly get kidney disease, heart and liver. They can experience arthritis or other degenerative of health condition. Note that if pet of yours is not accustomed to be boarded, or never boarded properly before, their health problems may get worse. So if you plan to put your pets at boarding kennel, beware the dog boarding problems will show up soon.

If you have plan to board the dogs, please pass the dog boarding kennel chosen in advance. Talk to your kennel operator for animal care geriatric kennels. The kennel owner usually has a special area is to remain in the older animals, or maybe they offer some their best services for the care of older dogs. Every health problems of your dog is sure to further discussion with the staff before the kennel. The kennel operator will be better able to find problems with some particular conditions, and they know what they have to do. Be sure to make some observe of the following conditions.

A lot of older pets have conditions or undiagnosed illnesses that are not easily discernible. Stress plays an important role in relation to the health of your pet. Stress can be caused by a variety of factors: being so far from their families at home and a new environment, other dogs and cats, new noises, smells around and people associated with a kennel, a change in food or water, etc. Whatever conditions that triggers the stress reaction will also triggers physical changes in your pet. You can see physical signs of anorexia, vomiting, lethargy, diarrhea, increased respiration. Stress helps animals (and humans) handle the situation. However, if stress is not relieved or reduced sufficiently, their body has no chance to rest. This is why your pet is ill when they stay far away from home, even if he seemed normal when you left them.

Reserve in advance to choose the kennel. You  will be get disappointed, if you book it at the last couple minute. The best kennels will fill up quickly and are booked up months before. You should also know what kind of payment do you accept, what kind of equipment that your dog and what kind of food you should bring for your dog.
Prepare your dog boarding properly before. Dogs, like humans, enjoy a break. they like in a new environment. They will get familiar with the new place, they maybe have an exciting and wonderful moments. With some few short overnight stays for pets that have never been boarded before, will help them to get adaptation to the boarding condition. It will reduce the stress of your pets.

You must check-in at office hours. Make sure to take all necessary measures for the kennel, like paperwork etc. The dog kennel must include some important information about your name, phone number, address, your veterinarian's name and phone number and where they can reach you when it needed. So in an emergency, it is easy for the kennel operator to handle the problems. If your dog has specific problems that are not covered in your check in the forms, direct them out to the operator of the kennel. This will help the kennel operator to give better care of your dog.
Most boarding kennels offer some special services. Sometimes a special diet for your dog or offer a special boarding school away from the animal population in general. Kennel operator also provide pleasant rest and exercise your pets, they can even play some soft music to reduce the dog's stress. In advance, you also need to discuss about your pet's needs and some health conditions with the kennel operator, and what have to do if something happen. Remember, the kennels owner in this business boarding because they loves animals. 
Now you should be enjoy your trip and stay relax after all of your dog boarding properly preparation. Because that your pet is in good hands. Your pets are probably get more care and attention then they get at home.

Be sure to check these conditions and know what causes the dog's stress before and after boarding your dog. These are some important points if you really have plan to board your dog.
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Suitable Food and Environment For Turtle Health Care

Turtle Tank
Turtle have become very popular as pets in several latest years. Turtle can be long-term pets, exotic pets, interesting and unique. There are four popular species of turtles as pets in this country, Mud Turtles, Red Eared Sliders, Painted Turtles and Box Turtles. These kinds of turtles are much smaller than other turtle species as Alligator Snapper or Red  Eared Snapper, and are much easier to feed and maintain. But a number of things that you know and understand about the turtles so they can properly handle and keep them healthy and happy. Keep in mind, the need for care and feeding vary slightly depending on the each different types of turtles.

The turtle will need a big box enough to live on generally, usually at least one tank with a capacity of twenty gallons. If you want to keep a turtle or the maintenance of one of the largest species of turtles, you need a tank large enough. In any case, the aquarium must have a combination of dry and wet habitats to maintain turtle health care. The turtle should have an area in which he or she can completely immerse themselves in and swim. The turtle must also have a dry and sandy area with sun to dig in.

The turtle also need isolated area to hide in the aquarium. Overall, the aquarium must have a water puddle, a sandy beach, a rock crawling for the turtle, but the plants area to hide are not required. The fact many owners of turtles put many plants in aquarium. By placing a plant in the aquarium, make sure that you studied and learned what plants that can be poisonous to the specific type of turtle you have. The main goal with the aquarium, to make as close as possible to a natural environment for the turtle.
The turtle are omnivores as a wildlife, they eat what they can catch. Although they will eat almost anything, the turtle should not be fed with randomly food scraps. They also needs a balanced diet. Some pets turtle owners feed a combination of vegetables and live fish. This works, but can become very expensive. Most pet stores that sell the turtles, they also offer turtle foods that feed specifically to fulfil the turtle's nutrition. These specific turtle food provide a balanced diet, but always a good idea to feed them with some live fish, for providing the exercise of hunting.

The turtle should be kept in an environment with a relative humidity of about 80% with a temperature between 70F and 85F. Many pets turtle owners use heat of a lamp to regulate the temperature in the aquarium. If the turtle is too cold, they will be burrow in the sand and spend the winter to hibernate. These are just some of the key elements to keep a turtle healthy. Make sure you understand the specific requirements of the breeding of turtles.
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Red Eared Slider Turtles : How To Determine The Gender

Baby Red Eared Slider Turtles
Many pet owners enjoy the antics of the red eared slider turtle for months or even years, without having to worry if their pet's gender, it is a male or a female. Finally, however, curiosity takes over and want to know. Maybe they want to add another turtle in the tank, and I think it would be better to have a male and a female. So, determine the gender of the red eared slider turtle is important too.

Actually, many pet owners dream of turtles mating, their own pets have laying eggs, and the thrill of seeing the eggs hatch to be baby turtles. If this happens, of course, is one thing. But if you are a professional of turtles breeder, it is generally not advisable to try to produce of the young without knowing its gender. But how do you know that the difference between the sexes?

In general, female red eared sliders are larger than males. A female can have a fully developed shell measures 11 inches long, but never a male red-eared sliders rarely grow more than 8 inches long. Adult females are also heavier than 4 pounds.

And what if you do not have the mature of red eader sliders turtles, how do you know? The fact is that at least up to 4 inches long, sometimes difficult to tell. Well, any way to tell is by the length of the front claws, a male red eared slider turtle usually have claws against women in relation to their size, of course. However, if your turtle is too young or too late by a growth phase, so it's not necessarily a reliable way to tell, at least not by itself.
Here's another thing to determine the gender : male red eared sliders are also longer and thinner tail than the females, with a small opening (vent or hole) at about half of the tail, midway between the tip and the end of the tail. Female have a short tail, and the their cloaca is closer to the base of the shell, almost under the overlap of the shell. One obvious way to tell is if the turtle lays its eggs, and yes, sometimes the female turtles lay their eggs without a male turtles to be present.

The males also have in-curved bellies while the females have the stomach out-curved or flat. Do not make the turtle upside-down to take a look, because that this is harmful for its health. Look the turtle's underside by lift it high enough.
Some of the above methods to determine the sex of your turtle is definitely less than others, but if the most or all of the phisical signs, pointing to one gender, then it is almost certain that you correctly identify the gender of your turtle. If you still have any doubts, and you really want to know, ask your vet next time your pet turtle in.

Attention: Wash hands with soap and water after each time you treat your turtle. Turtles are often associated with salmonella and bacteria that contaminated the disease spread a disease called salmonellosis causes owners. Each year, only the United States, turtles (and other reptiles) 74 000 known cases of transmission of salmonellosis in humans. So beware!
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Monday, August 1, 2011

How To Buy The Box Turtles As Exotic Pets

A Box Turtle
Choosing  box turtles as exotic pets can be one of some good choices for many people because they are loose and easy to maintain. It is also very nice to see, these creatures grow and live. Are you interested in box turtles as exotic pets? Here are some tips that can help you before purchasing.

First, do not buy box turtles during the winter season, as a box turtles, they hibernate during that cold season. If you buy them anyway, your box turtles can get highly stress because of dehydration and starvation, with the period of winter dormancy.

when you choosing box turtles, check their reflexes by gently pulling on their hind legs and see if it moved their legs forcefully and quickly. A good box turtle, when you pick it up, you would feel it solid and weighty. Their face and limbs should be normal, there are no skin damaged, eyes alert and clear. There should be no discoloration or mold on their shell.

Box turtles live well inside and out. If you want to keep it inside, you have to prepare aquarium in 36 inch by 12 inch is a good idea. And it would be better if you install an aquarium heater to maintain a temperature 77-96 degrees Celsius in the tank, the turtles tend to slow and lose their appetite when the temperature is low. Box turtles prefer living on the soil slightly moist, but rough substrates, their shells can be damaged, it must have enough water for the turtle to swim and go as they want. And remember to keep the aquarium clean.
You have remember to feed your baby box turtles once every morning for youngsters, and every day for adults. The combination of vegetables mixed with dog food is recommended for box turtles, but can also be feed them with chicken liver, worms, snails and small insects. You can also sources of food such as fruits and vegetables, the best for turtles.

One thing you must realize that the possession of exotic pets, require have a great responsibility. You should always check whether you really care about your exotic pets. You also need to plan, you can prepare properly before you decide to have your own exotic animals.
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Choosing Outdoor Dog Kennel

There are several advantages to using outdoor dog kennel for your pet. Let's talk about the different types of kennels that are available today first. Indoor-Wire & Indoor-Plastic and Outdoor-Modular & Outdoor-Portable are two main types of kennels. The interiors of the rule limiting the space for your dog can be configured. And while we are talking about the outdoor dog kennels right now.

There are two major differences between a modular and portable kennel, first is the size. The modular usually larger and more robust. While portable kennels are smaller and lighter. Second modular kennels are fixed, once you have chosen an outside place, this is usually where you build and they will stay. They also tend to cost more. This is mainly due to its construction, which are made of heavier materials and built to last. Portable kennels are usually small and light, mainly because they move more easily from one place to another. The portable way to give you the convenience of multiple investment options in your garden or patio, too. They can be easily lifted and moved without the need to break completely and installed, as you if you move to a modular kennel.

When the dog owners who must keep a safe place for your pet outside, modular outdoor kennel can be a real asset. These are usually large enough that even a dog house with watering and feeding stations. This way you can keep your pet cool in summer and warm in winter. A modular dog kennel is a great way to keep their dogs from destroying your lawn. Kennel for dogs when they are outside, not only teach them in a specific place to eliminate, but also save much time and money trying to save your lawn form urine and fecal damage.

Specially if you have small outside area, portable outdoor kennels are also very useful. These kennels are ideal if you need to kennel your dog for a short time. Just like when a family reunion or a barbecue. Outdoor kennels are leaving to eliminate concerns about your dog that will runs off when someone accidentally leave the back door open, etc.

Be sure to research the different types of kennels because there are wide variety of styles and sizes of kennels, both modular and portable. Plan your space. The following questions to remember that need the answer, before you buy a kennel are : 1. "Where is the kennel will be placed?", 2. "Will I need to be able easily move the kennel?", 3. "Are my dogs will stay in short or long periods of time inside the kennel?", Once you have answered these questions, you will get a clearer idea of which kennel is suitable for you and your pet.

Tip for some agile races, including the type of hunting are very good at climbing on the link in the chain. They are known to escape from a kennel outside in this way. Need for these races, including a covered kennel on the roof of kennel, to prevent them from the escaping.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to Care The Red Eared Slider Turtle

Red Eared Slider Turtle
The red eared slider turtle is easy to recognize by the red markings on their side of the face. Red eared slider turtles are the most popular breed as pets.

The red eared slider and all the other breed turtles are often seen as "easy" to keep them. The red slider turtle is not necessary to bring out as a dog or cat that need for fleas treatment, and they require a good amount of training has been properly obtained. Differ with the turtles, the simple term is just put them in a bowl and feed them, right?

As a turtle owners you have to know how to care of  them properly. Because most new turtles owners mistakes are minimum in care and the maintenance. This can lead to illness or premature death. Turtles are a bit different than the most popular pets such as cats and dogs, but they also required attention to their environment, nutrition and health in the same way.  

If you get a young red eared slider turtle, do not deceived how small they are as a young creature. They may seem like a small stone in the hand, but they will grow 12 inches in only two years on average. And a 10 gallon tank will not enough for the turtle so get a bigger tank if you want a larger turtle.  

Feeding red eared slider is a simple routine, but you have to be careful. The mistake that often happens is that feeding them too much. That's a lot happening because of the temptation of acting like they always ask for a meal. It is very unhealthy for red eared sliders. If it happened in the past, do not worry. But not to happen again in the future.

Pellets are good basis for the nutrient-rich diet of your red eared slider turtle. But attempts to integrate a variety of vegetables, fruits and vegetables is a good idea too. Some examples of fruits and vegetables for a turtle are sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, strawberries, apple slices, etc. And some protein from insects like crickets and worms or fish food such as minnows and guppies make a balanced diet to the turtle. Be sure to cook foods such as carrots to be chewable for them. Always feed your turtle in a separate bowl or pan with water in it. They feed mainly on water, because they can not produce saliva.
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How To Be A Tortoise Breeder

There are some important things as a tortoise breeder to be concern, it is first important to be able to know if your tortoise is pregnant. Aware on the signs and indications that their tortoise is in fact pregnant as egg production can have serious implications for the health of the newborn tortoise. This is one of the important vitally initiation for any tortoise breeder.

Tortoise X-Ray
As an animal who has hard shell, physically tortoises do not show outward signs of their pregnancy. Therefore, the diagnosis of pregnancy can only be done by observing changes in behavior or take your pet to the vet for an x-ray. For this reason it is important that you know and understand your tortoise normal or abnormal behavior.

Sexual mature of tortoises depends on the size rather than age. In nature, it will not happen until the tortoise is 15 or 20 years old, but due to the improvement of the nutritional quality of foods that are able to offer our pets in captivity, their fast growths, that in tortoises as young as 4 or 6 years old, they are ready on their size, not on their age. And it is not recommended  to breed on a too young tortoise, because there can be complications.

They laying their eggs would happen in spring or early summer, in their wild life. This allows the hatchlings to grow before their first hibernation. however  in captivity, there is no fixed on the breeding season and that means most of the breeding and eggs production can occur at any time of the year.

Female tortoises are able to store sperm in the fallopian tubes, the fertile eggs, so they can produce up to three years after mating. they has two ovaries in the coelimic cavity - eggs are released by the ovaries and then travel down the paired oviducts. Storage of sperm, means is, they do not have to mate frequently to keep the population in their natural habitat. The added benefit of mixing the paternity of the hatchlings ensures there is less likelihood of interbreeding in smaller populations.

Thus, the fertilization by a recent mating, or because of internal fertilization of sperm stored. This may be  caused by a change in temperature or the greater availability of food. The eggs are deposited in the fallopian tube, where the fertilized egg and the shell are also produced. Female tortoises can sometimes eggs, even if have never met. Therefore it is important that you should be aware of signs that carry the eggs.

As a tortoise breeder should be aware of the various aspects of care tortoises, and it is important that they understand the tortoises in their care, and may be able to determine whether the two good and able to carry the eggs and successfully deliver it. If you have no experience with the tortoise, they may suffer for this reason, you should consider before deciding to breed your pet.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

How To Care A Tortoise

Care A Tortoise
If you plan to care a tortoise as a pet it some essential things that you think before you decide on the particular type. Look on authorized websites for some specific information to your chosen tortoise.

Note that in the world of nature is to determine whether to adapt, to live happily with you and your family? Here I have described some of the things that you should consider before taking the momentous step of selecting a tortoise. We must be aware of this fact that these are very special beings, before deciding to buy one of them.

Top five things to consider :

1. What is the natural size of your tortoise will grow? What is the size of your case is necessary? For a small tortoise at least 3 square feet for each 12 centimeters long need. Can you have enough space for your pets at home? This is not an insignificant size, and although you might be able to escape with a small box for a tortoise to mature and therefore require more space.

2. What kind of environment is needed? You need a light source and a light source pilgrims to ensure that your pet has the appropriate photoperiod. If you do not have enough light or heat is suffering and the sick and stressed. How is your pet needs within its walls? Stones, sand, earth? All these factors may play a role, but some species need places to dig and hide the shape of the world. Is this your chosen tortoise nurseries offer this?

3. What kind of food they need to stay in optimal health? A lettuce leaf is not enough to provide the best nutrition. Each tortoise needs certain nutrients to stay healthy. Some plants can be deadly for tortoises, and you should be aware of them, especially if you plan to keep the tortoise in an external enclosure for a period of time.

4. If you have other ways - they can live together? It is very important not to mix the different types of   tortoises. For specific parasites and can be prone to certain diseases can be fatal to the other types. You can also fight, if two different species are placed in a room together. A site of quarantine is very important, even if you plan to keep the same kind of tortoise. This is essential to ensure that new pet can not parasites or diseases that damage the device.

5. Your way to thrive in captivity? Be sure to purchase your tortoise from a reputable breeder. It is possible, some species thrive in captivity to buy, but take care not a disreputable breeder or dealer for it. To research is essential to ensure you select the type of tortoise for you and the House for providing this.

Caring a tortoise are many different elements together. You can not see one of these in isolation as the sum of well-being of your pet. These creatures seem at first glance very little maintenance required at all, but in reality you are the architect of his destiny. This means that you have everything you need to live and tortoises. Not left to chance and wait a little crib enough to be left. However, if you decide to get an offer for you and your family hours of enjoyment and fascination, because they are magnificent creatures.
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