Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Suitable Food and Environment For Turtle Health Care

Turtle Tank
Turtle have become very popular as pets in several latest years. Turtle can be long-term pets, exotic pets, interesting and unique. There are four popular species of turtles as pets in this country, Mud Turtles, Red Eared Sliders, Painted Turtles and Box Turtles. These kinds of turtles are much smaller than other turtle species as Alligator Snapper or Red  Eared Snapper, and are much easier to feed and maintain. But a number of things that you know and understand about the turtles so they can properly handle and keep them healthy and happy. Keep in mind, the need for care and feeding vary slightly depending on the each different types of turtles.

The turtle will need a big box enough to live on generally, usually at least one tank with a capacity of twenty gallons. If you want to keep a turtle or the maintenance of one of the largest species of turtles, you need a tank large enough. In any case, the aquarium must have a combination of dry and wet habitats to maintain turtle health care. The turtle should have an area in which he or she can completely immerse themselves in and swim. The turtle must also have a dry and sandy area with sun to dig in.

The turtle also need isolated area to hide in the aquarium. Overall, the aquarium must have a water puddle, a sandy beach, a rock crawling for the turtle, but the plants area to hide are not required. The fact many owners of turtles put many plants in aquarium. By placing a plant in the aquarium, make sure that you studied and learned what plants that can be poisonous to the specific type of turtle you have. The main goal with the aquarium, to make as close as possible to a natural environment for the turtle.
The turtle are omnivores as a wildlife, they eat what they can catch. Although they will eat almost anything, the turtle should not be fed with randomly food scraps. They also needs a balanced diet. Some pets turtle owners feed a combination of vegetables and live fish. This works, but can become very expensive. Most pet stores that sell the turtles, they also offer turtle foods that feed specifically to fulfil the turtle's nutrition. These specific turtle food provide a balanced diet, but always a good idea to feed them with some live fish, for providing the exercise of hunting.

The turtle should be kept in an environment with a relative humidity of about 80% with a temperature between 70F and 85F. Many pets turtle owners use heat of a lamp to regulate the temperature in the aquarium. If the turtle is too cold, they will be burrow in the sand and spend the winter to hibernate. These are just some of the key elements to keep a turtle healthy. Make sure you understand the specific requirements of the breeding of turtles.


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