Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The differences between Pet Turtles and Sea Turtles

Have you always been interested in learning more about the fact that a turtle, or asked what is the difference between a pet turtle and a sea turtle on average?

Sea turtles in the sea and there are actually seven different types of them. They are:   

Sea turtles are known to have a life expectancy of up to 100 years, longer than most other types of turtles. Because sea turtles have been hunted by humans worldwide, many of them are now protected by a "threatened species", a special breed of the animal through the right to live freely in the oceans.

Turtles can also be several varieties of turtles and semi-aquatic, but in general, including the most common animals are living in a mixed environment. Some breeds are commonly red-eared slider turtle, box turtle and tortoise Russian.

Each of these breeds require different habitats and care, and each has its own nutritional needs and the environment. Be in deciding what kind of turtle would be the perfect choice for you, you should research the different types and find the best matches the type of care and the type of conditions that are willing to offer.

Pet turtles feed on fruits and vegetables or just vegetables. Turtle no matter what type of pet you choose, you should consider whether a long service life and require great care of you.

Although turtles do not need to be trained like other animals that you might need the right environment to plenty of fresh water and a lot of attention to them - to ensure that you detect any changes in behavior or appearance, since the beginning of certain diseases and disorders can help.


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