Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to Care The Red Eared Slider Turtle

Red Eared Slider Turtle
The red eared slider turtle is easy to recognize by the red markings on their side of the face. Red eared slider turtles are the most popular breed as pets.

The red eared slider and all the other breed turtles are often seen as "easy" to keep them. The red slider turtle is not necessary to bring out as a dog or cat that need for fleas treatment, and they require a good amount of training has been properly obtained. Differ with the turtles, the simple term is just put them in a bowl and feed them, right?

As a turtle owners you have to know how to care of  them properly. Because most new turtles owners mistakes are minimum in care and the maintenance. This can lead to illness or premature death. Turtles are a bit different than the most popular pets such as cats and dogs, but they also required attention to their environment, nutrition and health in the same way.  

If you get a young red eared slider turtle, do not deceived how small they are as a young creature. They may seem like a small stone in the hand, but they will grow 12 inches in only two years on average. And a 10 gallon tank will not enough for the turtle so get a bigger tank if you want a larger turtle.  

Feeding red eared slider is a simple routine, but you have to be careful. The mistake that often happens is that feeding them too much. That's a lot happening because of the temptation of acting like they always ask for a meal. It is very unhealthy for red eared sliders. If it happened in the past, do not worry. But not to happen again in the future.

Pellets are good basis for the nutrient-rich diet of your red eared slider turtle. But attempts to integrate a variety of vegetables, fruits and vegetables is a good idea too. Some examples of fruits and vegetables for a turtle are sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, strawberries, apple slices, etc. And some protein from insects like crickets and worms or fish food such as minnows and guppies make a balanced diet to the turtle. Be sure to cook foods such as carrots to be chewable for them. Always feed your turtle in a separate bowl or pan with water in it. They feed mainly on water, because they can not produce saliva.


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