Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yellow-bellied turtle: How to care for him and other animals turtles

The turtles are great pets, if turtles are large animals, if you are into reptiles. In 2010 it was decided that a yellow handbag and a red-bellied turtle take in our family. It was a spur of the moment decision because it took us weeks to identify the preparation. After getting unnecessary worries and finally installed our turtles, we found that the care expected of the yellow-bellied turtle is not as difficult as. That is, let me give you some tips for the owners of the first time.

So, how much space should my turtle?

Both the red-bellied and yellow belly slider turtle about 14 centimeters long can achieve. If you're more likely to bring them home, the more that only a few centimeters. At this stage in the life of the turtles will be in order to remain in a 10 gallon tank. North as adults best plan to move to an environment of 45 gallons.

So what's the problem with the water?

Contrary to what you have heard about the turtles that swim like sure. I know our yellow-bellied turtle has. After setting the turtle tank, to ensure that water wants is only 3-4 inches from the top of the tank. It was something I did not know when we have the first yellow-bellied turtle.

What happens to my aquarium decorations?

Our yellow-bellied turtle like your surroundings, especially chewing plants. Many people value their water plants if you have one, get artificial. In addition, the yellow-bellied turtle places to go out and enjoy. Try a little temporary platforms or floating your turtle aquarium. You do not want to over-crowding, however. You have to work a little bulky with the shell.

Not to feed your turtle

We would not dare to feed our yellow-bellied turtle floating sticks green credits. I would not recommend that you feed your pet turtles at once. When feeding, the food of choice of Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle Food is gourmet. Noting that the letter will find you. This mixture is complete with a balanced diet. Look at the ingredients and you will find components such as dried shrimp, meal worms, fish and berries, too! This mix also contains calcium, but it will not hurt to buy a tablet of calcium when to prevent shell softening.

But what about my fellow turtle aquarium?

In our 10 gallons aquarium turtles, a red-bellied turtle, a yellow-bellied turtle, and a small bank of tiger barbs. These fish are from the industry as a semi-aggressive fish. I can tell you if they come to our turtle, go somewhere else to see. These turtles are docile and gregarious by nature, so do not sleep with their tank mates. Feel free to throw some salamanders, guppies and Plecos there.

... And let there be light

Like other reptiles like snakes and iguanas, turtles, yellow belly are needed light per day. Not just any light, but the spectra of UV-A and UV-B. You can find a bulb to provide for both types, but two had to invest in two separate fires. The first, a spot lamp radiates heat from the sun. The other is simply a strip of fluorescent light. You know, the kind usually found under a stove. It certainly is not much heat, but the spectrum is necessary to keep the color of your pet turtle.

I think you're ready now. So in conclusion ...

Relax. I know that their children are begging for months for a turtle. Turtles are wonderful pets yellow belly. They are not like fish, and really eye contact and interaction with you. Performance of two turtles are seen very much fun, fish feed more. Change the water regularly. A simple water change every week is sufficient. It will keep your turtle aquarium with a fresh scent, and do not give the virus a chance to grow. Finally, take a look at the Tetra ReptoFilter because it works very well.


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