Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Feed your red eared slider turtle - 7 Easy to eat foods that will gladly move the cursor

Red eared slider turtles can live for many years. A simple way to ensure a long life of your pet by feeding a variety of red eared slider turtle food stores. Another advantage of the introduction of variety is that the turtle does not get bored with the meals, if you make your diet interesting.

Vegetables and legumes should be at least half of the controller performance by adults. While the young turtles to eat vegetables, your diet should consist mainly of protein. When feeding on plant material, not be content with his slider, while salad boring after a while. What do you love your pet eats?

* Carrot - The cursor to use really grated carrots. Carrots are very nutritious, and what could be easier to grind a carrot?
* Col - more nutritious than the usual salad, and the cursor of love in this crisis.
* Beetroot - perhaps an unusual choice to feed your turtle, but your pet will thank you!
Radish leaves * - another delicious option for travel.
* Beans - What could be better than fresh green beans?
* Squash - An easy to eat, to enjoy your turtle.
* Dandelion - This is a food easy to eat on his glider. You can even choose your own garden! Just make sure it is free of pesticides.

If the supply of vegetables, which must be cut or torn into small pieces for your turtle to eat lightly and placed in water in the house of your pet in a container or a separate power adapter, if your cursor feeds in this way.

It will feed your red-eared slider turtle a variety of vegetables and protein to help your turtle lives a long life full of himself. Give you the satisfaction that you care for your pet the best possible way. It should not your red-eared slider turtle, about the food they get to eat like?


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