Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Housing for Red Eared Sliders with Suitable Turtle Habitat

Red-eared sliders are one of the most common types of turtles as pets, so that we would do well to keep on dealing with this breed a. In this article I would like for their housing / habitat requirements and in particular, a reservoir for the Red- eared focus includes ideal. In contrast to the erroneous notion that some people have not only the turtles can be kept in a glass. They are, after all, semi-aquatic animals. For this reason, despite the time, the air breathed into the land of the time not to swim in a box without water are kept in.

An outdoor pool in the garden is an ideal habitat for these turtles, which is when you are more comfortable in South America, where red-eared sliders live, of course, to live in nature, but for most pet owners, is holding a tank rectangular glass in the house . You can adjust the temperature during the whole year and watch their antics almost through the glass walls. Glass tanks are preferable to plastic tanks for two reasons. A: Like most turtles, has sharp claws of the race that the plastic can scratch two: the glass is much easier to clean when they normally dump the dirty water and clean the walls of the tank before pouring in the water is sweet .

Even if a baby turtle will be low, it is best not to a small aquarium, cheap to buy. Red-eared sliders grow rapidly during their early years, and although some do not grow much more than 5 centimeters, partly mature adults 10-12 cm long. We recommend at least a tank of 30 liters for an adult to 5 inches. An adult requires a 10-inch tank 55 liters. Bigger is always better, and if you need two or more turtles have a larger tank.

Red-eared sliders from warm temperatures needed to activate the immune system and stay healthy is important to keep to a temperature of 75-86 degrees F (20-29 ° C). The easy and convenient to keep a stable temperature is to use a submersible pump water heater. Water heater has a thermostat so that you establish only to a certain temperature.

The top of the tank should ideally be designed to obstruct the natural light to give much in the tank. There are a variety of models, and some tanks installed with a reptile fluorescent light. In light of the UV spectrum (UVA and UVB) is important if the tank is a place where one can get enough natural light. Slides should be enough UV rays that process properly, the nutrients can be in their diet. (Note: It is good, the turtle tank in direct sunlight causes overheating and have).

It is important that you have a good filtering system. The turtle spent the urine and feces directly into the water, and this will increase the number of bacteria in the water, this has a direct and negative effect on the health of your pet. A good filter system filters out pollutants and also means that you do not have to do a thorough cleaning of your turtle tank so often. (A tank with filtered water to be drained to be cleaned weekly.) As for what type of filtration system, suggest most owners of turtles as Fluval 403rd

Turtles need a basking area out of her bathing water where they can sunbathe and enjoy the warmth of the lamp. A large number of flat stones is widespread. A cork "raft" or a piece of wood works. The temperature of the warm-up area specifications, 85 to 90 degrees F. near the fluorescent lamp.

It is set OK, ornamental plants in your tank turtle, but know that your pet may try to eat. For this reason, ensure that the plants you choose are not poisonous to turtles. Plastic plants are not recommended because your pet may try to eat them. As for the gravel, make sure that the stones are small enough to swallow for the turtle.

Todd is enthusiastic about the mascot of the Turtle. His passion in life is to ensure that all turtles are cared for by their owners.


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