Sunday, August 7, 2011

How To Handle The Dog Boarding Problems

In generally older animals often have health problems. Most older pets are deafness, arthritis and blindness. As dog age, they are commonly get kidney disease, heart and liver. They can experience arthritis or other degenerative of health condition. Note that if pet of yours is not accustomed to be boarded, or never boarded properly before, their health problems may get worse. So if you plan to put your pets at boarding kennel, beware the dog boarding problems will show up soon.

If you have plan to board the dogs, please pass the dog boarding kennel chosen in advance. Talk to your kennel operator for animal care geriatric kennels. The kennel owner usually has a special area is to remain in the older animals, or maybe they offer some their best services for the care of older dogs. Every health problems of your dog is sure to further discussion with the staff before the kennel. The kennel operator will be better able to find problems with some particular conditions, and they know what they have to do. Be sure to make some observe of the following conditions.

A lot of older pets have conditions or undiagnosed illnesses that are not easily discernible. Stress plays an important role in relation to the health of your pet. Stress can be caused by a variety of factors: being so far from their families at home and a new environment, other dogs and cats, new noises, smells around and people associated with a kennel, a change in food or water, etc. Whatever conditions that triggers the stress reaction will also triggers physical changes in your pet. You can see physical signs of anorexia, vomiting, lethargy, diarrhea, increased respiration. Stress helps animals (and humans) handle the situation. However, if stress is not relieved or reduced sufficiently, their body has no chance to rest. This is why your pet is ill when they stay far away from home, even if he seemed normal when you left them.

Reserve in advance to choose the kennel. You  will be get disappointed, if you book it at the last couple minute. The best kennels will fill up quickly and are booked up months before. You should also know what kind of payment do you accept, what kind of equipment that your dog and what kind of food you should bring for your dog.
Prepare your dog boarding properly before. Dogs, like humans, enjoy a break. they like in a new environment. They will get familiar with the new place, they maybe have an exciting and wonderful moments. With some few short overnight stays for pets that have never been boarded before, will help them to get adaptation to the boarding condition. It will reduce the stress of your pets.

You must check-in at office hours. Make sure to take all necessary measures for the kennel, like paperwork etc. The dog kennel must include some important information about your name, phone number, address, your veterinarian's name and phone number and where they can reach you when it needed. So in an emergency, it is easy for the kennel operator to handle the problems. If your dog has specific problems that are not covered in your check in the forms, direct them out to the operator of the kennel. This will help the kennel operator to give better care of your dog.
Most boarding kennels offer some special services. Sometimes a special diet for your dog or offer a special boarding school away from the animal population in general. Kennel operator also provide pleasant rest and exercise your pets, they can even play some soft music to reduce the dog's stress. In advance, you also need to discuss about your pet's needs and some health conditions with the kennel operator, and what have to do if something happen. Remember, the kennels owner in this business boarding because they loves animals. 
Now you should be enjoy your trip and stay relax after all of your dog boarding properly preparation. Because that your pet is in good hands. Your pets are probably get more care and attention then they get at home.

Be sure to check these conditions and know what causes the dog's stress before and after boarding your dog. These are some important points if you really have plan to board your dog.


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