Monday, August 1, 2011

How To Buy The Box Turtles As Exotic Pets

A Box Turtle
Choosing  box turtles as exotic pets can be one of some good choices for many people because they are loose and easy to maintain. It is also very nice to see, these creatures grow and live. Are you interested in box turtles as exotic pets? Here are some tips that can help you before purchasing.

First, do not buy box turtles during the winter season, as a box turtles, they hibernate during that cold season. If you buy them anyway, your box turtles can get highly stress because of dehydration and starvation, with the period of winter dormancy.

when you choosing box turtles, check their reflexes by gently pulling on their hind legs and see if it moved their legs forcefully and quickly. A good box turtle, when you pick it up, you would feel it solid and weighty. Their face and limbs should be normal, there are no skin damaged, eyes alert and clear. There should be no discoloration or mold on their shell.

Box turtles live well inside and out. If you want to keep it inside, you have to prepare aquarium in 36 inch by 12 inch is a good idea. And it would be better if you install an aquarium heater to maintain a temperature 77-96 degrees Celsius in the tank, the turtles tend to slow and lose their appetite when the temperature is low. Box turtles prefer living on the soil slightly moist, but rough substrates, their shells can be damaged, it must have enough water for the turtle to swim and go as they want. And remember to keep the aquarium clean.
You have remember to feed your baby box turtles once every morning for youngsters, and every day for adults. The combination of vegetables mixed with dog food is recommended for box turtles, but can also be feed them with chicken liver, worms, snails and small insects. You can also sources of food such as fruits and vegetables, the best for turtles.

One thing you must realize that the possession of exotic pets, require have a great responsibility. You should always check whether you really care about your exotic pets. You also need to plan, you can prepare properly before you decide to have your own exotic animals.


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