Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The different types of turtles that inhabit our world

The world is full of turtles. But how many species of turtles are there? Many turtles are threatened with extinction and others are threatened with extinction. Let's take a look at the different species of sea turtles worldwide.

1st Sea Turtles - This type of marine turtles are creatures really. In the waters of tropical oceans and migrate only the females come ashore to lay their eggs in the nests. They vary in size from about eight feet to about 7 meters in length of the carapace. Projectiles for these types of turtles are heart-shaped or oval in appearance. Their limbs are flippers instead of legs and are unable to resist the turtle when the field. Sea turtles can not pull the head back into their shells like other kinds of turtles. Sea turtles are among the most vulnerable families of turtles, urban development intervened on their nesting grounds.

2nd Thurs Turtles - There are only three species of this family of turtles. Can be found in the north throughout North America, parts of South Asia and South America. These turtles have large heads and strong jaws is mounted to the upper jaw. You can not fully retract their limbs or head into its shell and have a pretty long line. These turtles have been roaming the Earth 65 million years. They have a good variety of habitats and mating habits and diet.

3rd The swamp tortoise - is the largest group of turtles and found worldwide. Some species of pond turtles are carnivores, while others are herbivores. They have many predators such as alligators and raccoons. These types are usually the types of turtles that are used in the pet trade.

4th Bog turtles and musk - This type of turtles emit an unpleasant odor when disturbed. They vary in size, but all are strictly carnivorous. On aquatic insects, small fish and amphibians, crustaceans and all you can find what they are. Adults rarely become prey for other animals, but their eggs are coveted by a variety of animals.

5th Turtles - this type of turtles can boast the distinction of being the largest turtles that live on land. Turtles on flowers, herbs and fruit diet, even if it is known for the feast of carrion. Normally, the turtles have large scales and feet are not networked. Its closest relatives are the pond turtles.

6th Soft-shelled turtles - These turtles can in many types of soft-bottom water needed to live. Their shells are not hard, but they are with skin like leather. They spend most of their time buried in mud. They are omnivorous but most species are carnivorous, eating mollusks, insects, amphibians and fish.

7th Leatherback Turtle - The elderly are the largest turtles in the world. Although sea turtles are in a class by itself. Find swim, regardless of whether the water be warm or cold waters in the world. Their jaws lack of force feed mainly on jellyfish. The adults have no known predators, but eggs and juveniles are more vulnerable to predators. The leatherback turtle is an endangered species, in fact, due to erosion and the development of the beaches to nest where the females land ashore and lay their eggs.


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