Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Species of turtles - the three main categories of turtles

Turtles can make great pets and a welcome addition to any home, whether it is good. To correct for these creatures to understand the different types of turtles care is very beneficial. Turtles are underestimated as a kind of exotic pets and most people, regular care and maintenance to keep them as pets involved.

There are many different types and they all subspecies. Learn more about the different types take months, but there are ways to break the species of turtles, it is easier to handle. Turtles: In a broad sense, the turtles can be divided into three categories. These three types of turtles have a very different lifestyle and needs.


When it comes to these animals, people think all kinds of different examples. Some people think that little box turtles caught as a child, while some might think of sea turtles glide through the majestic oceans surrounding tropical islands. They are the two species of turtles, but lead very different lives.

A turtle, by definition, is a semi-aquatic, which means that spends part of his life in the water and some means of his life on earth. Most species of turtles spend most of their time in the water and on land are usually the sun, which emits a strong need for vitamin D3.

A good example of a semi-aquatic turtles are painted and red-eared slider turtle. When the animals these turtles have more water than land in its vicinity. A small portion of the tank to the turtle basking under a UV lamp dedicated. This provides vitamin D3 and increases the body's core temperature.


The tortoises are terrestrial, which means they spend most of their time on earth. Thus, these turtles are very clumsy swimmers. This does not mean they will not dive into shallow water from time to time, but when it turns on its head and was trapped under water to drown.

A typical example would be a box turtle. Those who have box turtles as pets tend to have them in a corral gate of the tortoises, so that time and temperature. Just to wade in shallow water and drink provided. The environment of the animals must be precisely manufactured to good health again. Factors such as temperature, humidity and some type of stimulation of the turtle are necessary for good health and development.

Sea Turtles

Sea turtles stay in water all the time. Sea turtles inhabit all oceans of the world outside the Arctic region, where it is too cold to sustain life of sea turtles. The only time the turtles leave the sea to lay eggs, then back into the sea.

Sea turtles live mostly in salt or brackish water. Turtles remain in the water may be also called "water". These come in varieties of fresh water, but many say that even a little salt to your freshwater tank much better your health.

By understanding these three species of turtles is a lot easier to break it subspecies. Of all the species have a tendency and behavior that are more susceptible to other types of turtles. For example, some people tend to have clumsy box turtle swim, which were very funny in the water. On the other hand, spend some types of painted turtles more time on earth than others. It is a good starting point to learn about the different types of turtles.


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