Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You can learn tips for your turtle?

Many people think that turtles are not intelligent enough to learn tricks of turtles and animals for show than anything else. The truth is that, even if their brains a bit more primitive than, say, a dog, it is still possible to teach skills and tricks, but I say this knowing that there is no easy journey for the owner who, over time and effort to want to invest their new skills to teach turtles.

In fact, there are three things that I needed to make it easier to teach him new things and these turtles are ...

1) The age of the turtle
The young animals are much easier to teach tricks of the older, more mature turtles. Unfortunately, this is a case of not in a position to put new tricks and teach older turtles in. .. Yes, you guessed it, their old habits. Young turtles per year are ideal to start practicing with him and the patient and make a routine that you will see progress.

2) A turtle species
Some species of sea turtles are smarter than others and try to make it better. A turtle, for example, to train a lot harder than the box turtle in a box turtles are relatively intelligent. Most turtles can learn new things, but some are a little slower than others.

3) How good a relationship you have with your pet
To really help your turtle development, you need a good relationship with them. If the turtle is uncomfortable or afraid, it will be difficult to achieve, even out of its shell around him. If your turtle bites when you try to touch, it is also a clear sign that do not have confidence in you and in cases like this, time to build confidence between you and your turtle, and only then can you build things that the same, teaching them tricks Turtle.


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