Sunday, September 25, 2011

Are Pet Turtles Really Safe for Children ?

Although the pet turtles are really exotic pet to have, but you should think twice before making a decision to give pet turtle to your children. Many people have wrong mindset and believe that the turtles are small, cute, harmless and safe. However, behind their innocent appearance, the turtles can cause bacterial (salmonella) infections that could be very harmful and unsafe to children. 

These are some tips for parents who want to give pet turtles for their children :

1. You should avoid buying turtles, especially when your children are under five years. This is because turtles with harmful bacteria called Salmonella that can affect the health of your children. And mostly little children do not really teached and care about their own hygiene. 

2. More importantly, since Salmonella is present naturally in this way, you can not really judge whether your pet with this bacterium, such as turtles is not infected look sick, even when the bacteria in them.

If your children are old enough to well-trained and to follow strict hygiene rules, you should go for soft turtle species that can grow without taking much to care. For example, the red eared slider turtle as the most favorite animal, because it easy to keep at home. You can also choose the musk turtle, which grows less than 6 inches long and it is very easy option.

More Info : Turtles Safe Care Guides For Children
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