Monday, July 11, 2011

About Choosing - Puppies for Sale - You Have to Know

Cute Puppie
Search on the internet for -puppies for sale- is the easiest way to buy puppies. You will find some pet supplies that offer you many kind of cutest puppies with their photographs. But there are several things you should consider of choosing a puppy or puppies before you buy them.

It is important to have this information before you start your search because it will saves your much time and effort. I hope you know what you are looking for. For example, (1) You need to know what size the dog that you want, because the dogs actually growing up. (2) It is important to determine if your puppy is a show dog or not will be. (3) You should also know, if you prefer a certain race, be it an entire breed of dog is important, and other facts relevant to what you want to receive in respect of a puppy, and finally an adult dog. Note that all the races differ in terms of their personality and intelligence in general and as well suitable for indoor or outside dogs. 

If breeding is important for you, of course you want to see the registration papers for the puppy before you buy. While there are many purebred dogs available that are not registered, it is important to know whether to show the registration documents or breeding dogs. Otherwise, you may not care whether the puppy is registered or not. 

About their health, of course you want to see medical records available to the pups and maybe the parents, depending on the breed of the dog, and if this breed is prone to certain diseases or conditions. You will need a record of any treatments or investigations that the puppy has had so far. Ask if the puppy is current on shots and worming and vaccinations when the puppies were spayed or neutered, and if the puppy has been microchipped

If possible, you should ask to see the full extent and the parents, even if everything is available, the pictures. This gives you the opportunity to learn more information about the puppies or puppy you are considering to collect. Be sure to be on your state of health of dogs seem, and how they were treated, including conditions in which they live.
Naturally you want to know the price of the puppies, and check whether this price is cheap compared to prices charged by other breeders. Please note that females are almost always more expensive than males. Note too that puppies that have champion level parents are very high price compared to those without the parents' level champion.  

It should be a written contract, that is includes the identification and description of the puppy or puppies for sale that you choose. A guarantee of full refund and allow you to return the dog in a certain amount of time is a must, if the puppy is not healthy, as your veterinarian said.
If the puppy is the right one for your family and you decide to make a purchase, should be a pleasant and stress free for you - especially if you buy from a reputable breeder. If at any time, you do not feel good about the purchase or the condition of the puppy, you should have the option of cancel of the purchase - before it is made, or during a certain period after the purchase have been made as well.


Bill Stewart said...

I'm glad I read this instead of just going out and getting a puppy. I'm also looking for a good place for dog products online before I get one. Where would you go?

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